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ENCORE! Whooping Crane Moppet

Type: Gift Ideas
Price: $100.00
Availability: Usually ships within 5 business days.
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Own your very own Whooping crane Moppet - lovingly crafted by volunteer extraordinaire Mary O'Brien!

Each ENCORE! Moppet is made from costumes formerly worn by Operation Migration team members while working with Whooping cranes!
(Don't worry - Mary washed the costumes first)

Each ENCORE! Moppet bears the exact legband combination as some of your favorite cranes!

BUT - there are a very limited number available and these are a ONE-TIME offer (We only had so many costumes left without holes in them)

Check out this class photo! Aren't they adorable?

With each ENCORE! Whooping crane Moppet, you will receive a biography detailing the history of your chosen crane as well as an embroidered crest, which can be sewn onto a jacket or even your Moppet if you wish.

Again, these are available for a limited time so be sure to order your favorite quickly to avoid disappointment. 


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