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Operation Migration offers two levels of membership:

Supporting - Whooping Cranes occasionally need organizations and their supporters to advocate on their behalf. Whether for an illegal shooting or habitat issue, we and our members can be a collective 'voice' on behalf of these incredible cranes. Becoming a Supporting Member means you would be willing to participate in letter writing campaigns when needed. It also means you're joining the ranks of hundreds of others who care deeply about conserving Whooping Cranes for generations to come.

Annual Fee: $50

Sustaining - By becoming a Sustaining Member of Operation Migration you can have a voice in shaping the direction of our work. Sustaining members are eligible to vote, either in person or by proxy, at our Annual General Meeting in addition to any special members' meetings. Applications for Sustaining Membership must be approved by our Board of Directors and, once approved, run for a full year from the date your application for membership is approved.

Annual Fee: $125

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Conditions of Sustaining Membership     |     Purpose and Statement of Activities   |  Bylaws of the Corporation(s)

My payment of the $125 Sustaining Membership Fee attests that I have read and understood the Conditions of Sustaining Membership, the Purpose and Statement of Activities and the Bylaws of the Corporations, and that I agree to uphold and abide by them.

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