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Recurring contributions provide a cost-efficient and consistent source of funds for Operation Migration, ensuring more of your contribution goes toward achieving our mission. You can increase, decrease, pause or stop your donations at any time. It’s easy, flexible; most of all it's rewarding. 

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As a special thank you for becoming a Recurring Donor OR increase your current monthly donation amount, you will receive a special hand-folded origami crane made by Mako Pellerin.

Mako has very graciously offered to create a limited number of beaded hanging origami cranes made from the paper used to create last year’s GIANT origami crane, which greeted Whooping Crane Festival attendees in Wisconsin. 

Students from the Princeton School – along with Mako, very carefully folded an origami crane, which boasted a wingspan of more than 30 feet and stood close to 10 feet tall!

Mako saved some of the paper from that special crane to create these smaller origami “off-spring” cranes for you! Each crane measures 11 inches from the top of the beaded string to the bottom and each was folded with care by Mako.

In Japanese culture, the crane is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. Cranes represent good fortune and longevity and are referred to as the “bird of happiness.” We hope this very special origami crane will bring you all of these qualities…

P.S. we'll also send you instructions so that you can fold your own origami crane!

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